Who we are

Our Mission

... is to bring the participants of our language projects

closer to a positive approach to a foreign language

so that they use the language with joy and without

inhibition in everyday situations. We consider our

further mission to make young people fit for

their future life, but not only in the area of foreign language

development but also in dealing with other cultures and values.

We put emphasis on

  • well educated, motivated teachers
  • small groups (average groupsize 12 participants)
  • varied classes
  • teamwork
  • integration & acceptance
  • fairness & honesty

Back office

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Our guidelines


1. About us


We are a family run business that operates "mobile language schools" in a number of European countries. There are only pedagogically well-trained, native-speaker teachers with teaching experience in our language courses. Our offer includes communication language courses for students witch are carried out in addition to regular language teaching at schools as well as language summer camps. Our mission is to bring the participants of our language projects closer to a positive attitude to foreign languages, so that they can use the languages with joy and without inhibition in everyday situations. We also consider our mission to make young people fit for their future life, not only in the area of foreign language development, but also in dealing with other cultures and values  with which they are also confronted in the course of a language project week thanks to the internationality of our teachers.

2. Our Values


  • Authenticity
  • Justice
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Equal treatment
  • Critical ability
  • Openness
  • Open-mindedness
  • Individuality

3. Services


We offer language courses in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German as a foreign language as well as diverse Eastern European languages. These language course take place during the regular school days (EasyTalk, EasyCamp, EasyGerman) as well as during school holidays (EasyHolidays). Our language courses are taught in accordance with the GeRS and the syllabus for foreign languages of each country and the following priorities are taken into consideration:


  • usage and extension of the vocabulary gained during school classes, in dialogues, role plays, presentations, narratives, stories.

  • revision and practice of gramma structures, such as usage of times, questions and negations, word order, prepositions and many more things.


Our main focus is on the practice of the four skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading, considering appropriate topics, such as:


For the lower level:

Personal description, family, hobbies, school, friends, house/apartment/surroundings, shopping, giving and understanding directions, pets, etc.


For the upper level:

Environment, tourism, social media, nutrition & health, teenagers world, working world/jobs/applications/curriculum, letters, complaints, etc.


We encourage young people:  

  • to use the gained vocabulary and structures in verious conversation situations
  • to understand foreign-language texts
  • to produce and create various activities (workshops)
  • to use information technology


4. Our teachers


Our teachers bring a lot of teaching experiences and have been working at our company for many years. They have excellent pedagogical and methodological knowledge and love working with children and young people. They are motivated, hard-working and willing to continue to develop themselves  further. The atmosphere within the company is amicable. Our teachers identify themselves perfectly with Native Speaker Network International and its values.

5. Our goals


For Native Speaker Network Int. "successful learning" means to overcome language barriers and the fear of using a foreign language in everyday life. Joy and fun while practicing the language as well as self-satisfaction in exercising it and a positive attitude to foreign language without fear and shame are the consequences of successful learning. Furthermore, we consider learning to be successful when the participants realize the importance and the need of a foreign language and when they want to expand and deepen their language skills voluntarily. Dealing with other cultures, values and their acceptance and integration are complementing our definition of successful learning.

Some of our Teachers


“From Burgenland to Vorarlberg, Lower Austria to Steiermark, I have loved teaching English all over Austria!” My name is James, but you can call me Mr. BondJ. I come from Rochester in England. I love sports and my favourite is football. I’ve been teaching in Austria for 5 years and I’ve loved every moment. I love Schnitzel but sometimes I have fish and chips.


“I enjoy teaching students of all ages and from many backgrounds. Engaging them with drama-communication activities which give them the confidence that they need to help them in the future means the world to me”. My name is Andi. I come from a very mixed background. I have family in the US and I’ve lived in the UK, Russia and Hungary for the past few years. I love superhero movies, taking care of animals and having fun with my four siblings.


“I believe learning is and should be fun. I follow the belief in the classroom like the world’s classroom and know now that education is not the filling of a basket but the lighting of a fire; we will burn brightJ” I grew up in California surfing, snowboarding and acting. I followed my dream to Europe. I fell in love here and stayed, stoked to teach young minds the world language I grew up with. I have studied every method to teach under the sun and gained certification. I have found structured fun is the fastest most efficient way to learn and fun was always my love; to fun learning we go!


“Welcome to the world of English Speaking! Let’s have fun learning and speaking English!” I’m a native New Yorker. I enjoy teaching English to people from the age of nine to eighteen. I love doing English Camps with Dance Workshops, American sports, nature and outdoor activities. Always trying to make it comfortable and easy to teach English in a fun way is my principle.


My job with NSN is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I especially like doing work that entails drama, as I love to incorporate this into my class. I feel that this helps kids of all levels to relax and to come out of their shells. Working as part of a team is something I also enjoy and I’m glad to say that in NSN the expectations are always high and standards set at the most professional level. My name is Greg and I come from Ireland. When I was there I worked with kids from troubled homes for two years and I enjoyed it very much and found it rewarding. Since I moved to central Europe I have been working both with adults and kids. I love travelling and meeting new people. I’m a big football fan and I think this helps me to connect with kids as most love the game. I’m also a seasoned traveller having lived in five different countries.


“The most important things about NSN project weeks give the students a comfortable atmosphere in which to practice and expand their skills and giving them the confidence to speak without inhibitions. With our exciting drama based lessons and activities the students learn without even realising it!” My name is Neil and I come from London. I love teaching with NSN as it gives me the opportunity to travel, meet lots of interesting people and help kids and teenager practice and learn more English, I feel that one of the most important and effective ways to do this is to give the students the confidence to speak without being afraid. As for myself and my hobbies I love to travel, meet new people, I like to read, cook and have keen interest in music. I play guitar, bass guitar and drums and love to write and perform songs with my band. That’s just a short introduction, but I would love to meet and talk with you in more detail some day!


“I love working in schools across Austria as I meet a lot of very friendly and intelligent people. Austria is a beautiful country and each day spent is rewarding!” My name is Simon and I come from Stoke-on-Trent which is close to Manchester. However, I do not support my football teams! My favourite food is “Oat Cakes”, a local dish from my home town. I love dogs and have two of my own.


“Welcome to English Project Week! You’re about to take a journey in how fun and easy it is to learn English. Let’s get the fun started.” Hi, my name is Ron. My home town is San Francisco, bay area in North California, U.S.A.


I’m Scott from Florida, USA. My interests include music, photography and I like doing video projects because it opens discussions about possibilities.


“I love to see the evolving and forming dynamics of the group. Life – like situations will make students want to start talking and acting as if they were already fluent because it is about their lives and stories. Games, drama situations, telling stories and sharing your everyday life with your  your friends is a seemingly streamlined way towards natural fluency. The motto: “Have fun and all the rest will come!” My name is Greg and I come from Slough, England. I love teaching groups and keep being amazed by the ingenuity of children. My favourite activities to get the students involved are language games, drama situations and creating stories.